*Attachment-focused, baby-led sleep support packages are conducted virtually*


E-mail Consult - $65 (COMING SOON!)

This e-mail package only is perfect if you have ever thought about sending questions regarding your baby’s sleep in my DM on Instagram, or just want someone to take a look at your baby’s schedule and give you some ideas on things to tweak or try. This package allows you to fill out an intake form including a 3-day sleep log which will be analyzed and provide you with tools and recommendations to try while you work towards your sleep goals for your little. It is best suited for children 0-4 years of age.

This package includes:

  •  An analysis of your intake form (including: background info, red flags, feeding & sleep info, bedtime and nap info, your top goals and questions, and 3-day sleep log review)
  • One email with thoughts, recommendations, and other pertinent resources (handouts, articles, videos, outside referrals etc.)

How to know if this package is right for you:
  • if something new has recently come up and you’re not sure what happened

  • if you have a few nagging questions about your baby’s schedule or routine

  • if you wonder if there’s a “red flag” with your baby but not sure where to turn

  • if you worried about your baby’s sleep being normal

  • if you are thinking it might be time to make a change in your baby’s sleep

  • if you just need some reassurance, guidance, or confidence in your journey

Once you check out, you should receive the intake form within 24 hours (during M-F) in your e-mail. Once you fill out and submit your forms and 3-day logs, Chantel will be in touch within 5 days.

Hourly Calls - $200 (temporarily sold out)

This is designed for families that need support on how to navigate a tricky time that has come up for their babe.

 This package includes:

• a modified intake form, complete analysis of the intake, and a 1 hour phone/zoom consultation

• providing parents with tools to address sleep challenges without on-going support 

• support unique to your situation with a co-created plan to help you get sleep without the use of sleep training

• a follow up e-mail with summary of main points discussed & co-created plan for your little

If you feel that you would like additional support to navigate this time, a 2 week support package can be purchased for an additional $250.


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